The bride

Yuliia Ostrovskaia

Hello! I’m Yuliia Ostrovskaia, I was born and lived in the Ukrainian city of Poltava, I’m 43 years old and now I live with my husband Eduard in Berlin. When we met each other for the first time, I realized that this is love at first sight. My future spouse suggested me to legitimize the relationship and I was very happy about it, but when we faced bureaucratic problems in Germany, we were very upset. Fortunately, we found a solution and went to Denmark, where we married very quickly. Now we help other people in the short term to legitimize their relationship and become a happy social unit.


the groom

Eduard Ostrovskyi

My name is Eduard Ostrovskyi, I am 54 years old and for 30 years I have been living in Berlin. Once in the city I met my future wife Yuliia. We spent this unforgettable time together and I realized that I want to connect my future life with this woman. Unfortunately, in Germany it is not very easy to register officially the marriage between people of different nationalities. However, I found a way out. It was a wedding in Denmark. Here we married quickly and after a while realized that we want to help other people, including representatives of LGBT communities, to marry just in a few weeks. Furthermore, this marriage is legitimate in the EU countries and many other states.


Marriage in Denmark as an excellent opportunity to legitimize a multinational family

Marriage in Denmark is considered to be quite demanded and desired ceremony of marriage registration for those Europeans whose families include people of different nationalities. This service is common because it is convenient and fast. People choose the Danish Kingdom as the place where their union will be officially consummated not for nothing. Here a minimum package of documents is required, the shortest waiting period for the registration day is guaranteed, and the most important thing is that there will be no problems if same-sex couples have legalized their relationship.

Experience has shown that the marriage in Denmark is recommended to clients by German lawyers in cases when the Germans and residents of the CIS countries plan to legalize their union. It has been repeatedly confirmed that a wedding in Denmark is one of the few options to get married in just a few weeks for couples coming to European countries from the CIS states and other parts of the world (America, Asia). And in this case, customers will not face bureaucratic problems, which are typical for Germany, Russia, Ukraine or Belarus.

At the very beginning, the entire package of documents can be sent to the e-mail or transmitted via fax, which significantly saves time, as there is no need to make several trips and take the papers to the Danish municipal service a couple of weeks before the registration of the marriage.

Also it is worth knowing the fact that in Denmark, same-sex marriage is possible. This is one of the most tolerant countries in the world, which is extremely popular among those who represent LGBT communities. It’s easy to legalize your relationship with representatives of LGBT community. And they can count on full-fledged support and help in all matters. Moreover, some manage to marry during one day, which is inspiring.

Is this marriage legitimate?

As experience shows, marriage in Denmark is one hundred percent official and legitimate. The main condition is compliance with the requirements of the marriage legislative base of the country where the couple plans to live in the future. These conditions in certain nuances may differ in different states. But do not worry, because the family codes of all European countries are not very different and, of course, recognize the marriage registered in the Danish Kingdom.

If necessary, you can officially apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark for the legalization of the marriage certificate for an additional guarantee. The document will be certified and translated into the required language, as well as stamped with an international apostille. This will definitely be enough for the marriage to be recognized not only in all EU states, but also even outside this territory.

Such a document, if necessary, can be additionally issued directly in Germany. In this case the couple will receive a German marriage certificate. Many clients who come to us, almost immediately ask a question, connected with the fact, whether the marriage concluded in Denmark, is legitimate? We say for sure: «Of course it is!»

Marriage abroad, particularly in the Danish Kingdom, may be legalized in several cities on the choice of client.

  1. Ribe is one of the settlements that many choose as a place of marriage registration. It seamlessly combines a convenient location, the opportunity to process documents quickly, as well as a romantic atmosphere. It is located near the border with Germany.
  2. Tonder is considered to be the next commune, where our specialists are engaged in providing services related to the organizational aspects of wedding registration. The town is located just 15 kilometers from the German border. It is a popular tourist destination with a medieval and an unforgettable atmosphere.
  3. You can also marry in a hospitable town called Obenro, located in the southern part of Denmark, 25 kilometers from Germany. Here, a couple can enjoy the low, old houses, a large number of shops with a cozy atmosphere, which is typical for the Danish village. Moreover, there are interesting museums, and the most important thing is that there are regular cultural events like theatrical and musical performances, sports events, etc.

What documents may be required?

To legalize your relationship in the above-mentioned state, documents for marriage in Denmark will be required. In different Danish villages, there are rules and there is a list of necessary certificates, although they practically do not differ from each other. It should be understood that the main list of certificates for citizens of different countries who wish to register a marriage on Danish territory will be the same.

Another important point is that all documents need to be translated into three languages (Danish, English, German). Obligatory, you need an apostille on almost all documents. Some of them have a certain limited duration, so do not delay the registration process. Practice shows, the registration of a marriage requires a minimum number of documents. This is about:

      • Passport, copies of the passport.
      • A certificate confirming the marital status (namely, the absence of an active marriage or divorce).
      • A certificate confirming the place of residence or registration in your home country.
      • Application for marriage registration. Residents of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan will be additionally required a Schengen visa or residence permit in one of the European

    countries. Citizens of Germany have to provide ID card.

About us

Agency «Amadeus» is a real oppurtunity to get married in Denmark in the shortest period

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Why is it better to contact us?

Many people have already been able to make sure that marriage in Denmark is considered to be an excellent option for people who want to bond quickly marriage ties with citizens of Germany or other countries. Thanks to the great experience of our agency, it will be possible to prepare a package of documents as soon as possible in order to register a marriage in the territory of the Danish Kingdom. Now the loving couple will have the opportunity to become a husband and wife in the short period of time. Among other things, marriage ceremonies take place in ancient Danish villages, where newlyweds take vows and after the marriage they are able to go to a cozy restaurant.

We are only for the fact that all lovers can be together and nothing prevents them from legitimizing their relationship. But in real life, not everything goes as well as we would like. Often it takes too long to wait for the cherished date, you can face bureaucratic procedures or to be in boring ceremonies. All this can very quickly cool even the hottest feelings and cause many troubles in such valuable life moments.

With us, loving couples can get such a wedding, which they always dreamed of. We will take on a lot of issues related to the marriage: we will deal with documents, arrange a trip, put in a hotel and conduct a beautiful and atmospheric wedding ceremony. All that is required from a couple is to pay attention to each other and get pleasant impressions on such a significant day.

Registration of same-sex marriages from experienced professionals

For may years already, same-sex couples come from all over the world to Denmark to register a legal marriage here. It was in this country, where in 1989 a same-sex marriage was concluded for the first time. Every year more than 400 male and female LGBT pairs find their happiness here.

The Government of Denmark is always hospitable to accept in its state citizens with different jurisdictions and wishing to get married to their soulmate as soon as possible. As practice shows, Denmark is considered to be one of the few options for representatives of LGBT communities, where one can register their relationship legally. This opportunity is certainly appreciated by representatives of LGBT communities from the CIS countries, where such unions are not recognized yet. Same-sex couples, who decide to have a wedding in Denmark, have the legal rights of an official family in Europe and a large number of other countries.

More and more foreigners prefer to choose the Danish Kingdom as a place where they can register their marriage, because everything goes quite simply and quickly. Wedding here can simultaneously be called a romantic and business tourism, in demand by many people. Not in all countries in the world is allowed to hold a marriage ceremony just a couple of weeks after the marriage application was submitted to the municipality. If couples take care of the registration of certificates in advance, then they will be able to fulfill their dream during one day.

To ensure that the wedding is held at the highest level and meets the expectations of the couple, and also there are no bureaucratic problems and bans of municipal officials, it is better to contact our agency.

  • We have been engaged in this sphere for quite a long time and are actively cooperating with a large number of town halls registering the most diverse families.
  • Our employees carefully listen to the wishes and requirements of customers and do their best to implement them.
  • You can count on the fastest possible marriage, which is official and legitimate not only on the territory of the EU, but also in many other states and continents.

If you have additional questions related to the specifics of the cooperation and the list of services, contact the managers and consult with them. They will tell about all the nuances and help in the shortest possible time to legitimize relations. Good luck!

Happy couples


Thanks so much to the agency «Amadeus», in particular to Eduard. Everything was great. My wife is delighted!

There were so many problems. I did not know how to solve them and was already desperate. By chance I found the agency «Amadeus.» Thank you so much, you make people happy!

Thank you. At first, it was scary, because I was skeptical about such agencies, well, in vain! «Amadeus» made the impossible possible! Thanks again from my husband and me!
Happy couples
Liudmila and Anton