Marriage for homosexual in Denmark is a legitimate opportunity to register officially their relationship

For several decades, homosexuals from all over the world come to Denmark to register here a legal and official marriage, as it was in this country in 1989, when a homosexual marriage was held for the first time. Annually hundreds of LGBT couples are happy here, who cannot contract their marriage in their native countries.

Why do representatives of sex minorities choose Denmark? In general, there are no many countries, where marriage for homosexuals is possible. Same-sex couples from another countries are particularly hard situation. You can come to Canada, Argentina, a number of US states, South Africa, but in Europe the possibility of registering such marriages can be used in the Netherlands and Denmark. It turns out that the closest options for residents of the CIS countries are the Netherlands and the Danish Kingdom. Nevertheless, for marriage in Holland you need to live in the country for at least a month. In Denmark, however, such requirements are absent. You can send documents by mail and come directly to the solemn ceremony.

Danish government bodies do not discriminate rights of those people who have different jurisdictions, but at the same time they want to conclude formally the union with their soulmate as soon as possible. Now, many homosexuals have been able to make sure that Denmark is one of the few options where it is possible to register relationships legitimately. Here, legal same-sex marriage is a reality. Especially, such an opportunity is enjoyed by representatives of sex minorities from the CIS countries, where such unions are not yet recognized. The men who decided to get married in Denmark will have legal rights in the European territory and in many other states.

A growing number of foreigners begin to make sure that it is the Danish Kingdom that is a great place where there is the possibility of registering your union, because everything will pass in the shortest time. The wedding here will allow you to enjoy the local romantic atmosphere and at the same time make a business visit. In a minimum number of countries, a marriage ceremony can be held as early as 2-3 weeks after the application has been submitted. If, however, the couple takes care of the documents in advance, it will be possible to conclude the union after 24 hours.

If you want to have a marriage for homosexual women and men at the highest level and the couples like it, which definitely will not need to solve bureaucratic nuances and face bans of officials, it is better to contact our trusted and conscientious agency.

We have been operating for a long time, therefore we have cooperate with different town halls that register marriages. Employees who work in the company will always listen to clients’ requests and wishes, and most importantly, they will try to implement them in the shortest time. The couples can get the marriage that will definitely be recognized not only in the territory of the European Union, but also in many other countries and continents.

If clients want to ask questions about how homosexual marriages are conducted, what documents must necessarily be sent and in which cities the ceremony can be held, it is better to contact our managers and consult them.

List of necessary documents for marriage

LGBT marriages almost do not differ from heterosexuals, because the package of documents necessary does not differ at all. Spouses will have to give documents that confirm the absence of a valid registered marriage, as well as a certificate of the address of residence in their country. When the wedding ceremony is over, the couple will receive certificates translated into several languages. Many of them have an international apostille.

Do not worry about the processing and collection of documents, because during an individual consultation, representatives of our wedding agency will tell you what certificates are needed, as well as accurately determine the date of the wedding ceremony. It all depends on which citizenship of the clients and which Danish municipality was chosen for the wedding. First, the couple will give the document by e-mail, we, in turn, will send them to the officials, and after arrival in the Danish Kingdom will need to provide originals.

Advantages of cooperation with us

All same-sex marriages in Denmark will successfully be completed if you immediately contact a reliable wedding agency that provides its services at the highest level. Our specialists interact with many town halls, where LGBT families are officially registered. We also know their schedule, so you can choose the best option for the client.

We are often contacted by couples who wish to legalize their relations in the shortest possible time, because if you contact us in advance and quickly transfer documents, you can expect to hold the ceremony in 24 hours. Annually there are more and more wedding tourists, the Danish Kingdom is visited by thousands of same-sex couples who feel freedom here and enjoy a real chance to finally get real happiness.

We created our wedding agency in the hope that now homosexuals could avoid all sorts of problems and make their relations official. We help all couples and at any time give detailed advice about further cooperation.

Many same-sex couples thank us after the wedding, as they made their dream true and did not face bureaucratic and organizational moments. Our employees will take the main work over, so that the couple feel themselves as calm as possible and can enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the commune where the wedding will be held


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