Same-sex marriage for women is an excellent chance to legitimize their relationship

The Danish Kingdom is considered to be one of the first states where marriage for women was officially recognized. It happened back in 1989. At that time such unions were called as “registered partnerships”, and also some kind of restrictions took place – one of the partners should have had Danish citizenship.

Representatives of sex minorities faced great difficulties in officially registering their relations, but in 2012 the process of registering such marriages was allowed at the legislative level. And the most important thing is that now even non-residents of the state have the opportunity to officially register the relationship. Now the list of countries where legal same-sex marriages are available is considered to be quite broad. Somewhere it is easy enough, and somewhere much more difficult. As for Denmark, here the procedure itself is considered to be the most simple and affordable option for a women wedding. Minimum time and documents are required. Same-sex marriage is completely identical to heterosexual, the procedure is one hundred percent similar.

To understand how the wedding takes place, what documents may be required, where it is better to register and so on, it is better to contact our agency that provides registration services for same-sex marriage. Each pair is consulted individually. On the most important day, when registration takes place, the representative of the company will be with a couple, and not by a whole group of other people, as is often done in wedding agencies: a group of couples are brought on a bus and mass weddings are held. Such marriages look like fictitious ones and do not cause much confidence, in particular, in state bodies, where in the future it will be necessary to provide a package of documents.

We personally discuss with the client all the nuances and details, we can reserve the required date of marriage and we will consult on all issues. Moreover, we will help to prepare and arrange the documentation, and we carry out the entire bureaucratic part of the work, so that the couple can devote more time to themselves and plan an unforgettable vacation in the ancient romantic town where the solemn ceremony will take place.

Legitimacy of marriages for women in the Kingdom of Denmark

Many clients often ask themselves questions whether same-sex marriage in Denmark is legitimate and whether they are recognized in other states. The answer to this question is simple: of course yes! Even conservative German lawyers offer an express wedding in the Danish Kingdom, which is known for its liberal legislative base. The marriage certificate will certainly be recognized in other countries.

At the same time, we should not forget that if same-sex spouses want not only to receive a certificate operating on the territory of the European Union, but also start using family rights in other jurisdictions, then it is worthwhile to analyze carefully the legal norms of the territory of residence. After all, in different countries, family codes can vary significantly. But even in spite of prohibitions, people who want to find family happiness can marry and take advantage of our offer.

What documents may be required?

Regardless of whether marriages are conducted for men, women or heterosexual couples, the package of documents will be almost the same. It is transferred to the Danish municipality, where the registration of marriage takes place. Spouses must provide a document confirming the absence of a valid marriage and a certificate of the address of residence in the country where there is citizenship. When the couple signs, it will be given 2 certificates, if necessary, they can order their translation into different languages ​​or put an apostille of an international standard.

  • During an individual consultation, the employees of our wedding agency will tell you which documents you need to provide, as well as the exact date of the wedding.
  • The package of documents directly depends on the citizenship and the chosen city where the wedding ceremony is planned.
  • In order for us to pass the documents to the officials for verification, we first need to send them there by e-mail for a significant acceleration of the process.
  • Some documents need an apostille and translation into different languages. The original documents must be brought with you on the day of the ceremony.

Why should you contact us?

If you want same-sex marriages to end as successfully as possible, and couples do not face annoying bureaucratic problems, all negotiations with municipal officials are conducted by qualified experts of our wedding agency. We have solid experience in this field, contacts have been established with many institutions where LGBT families are registered. We will be able to choose the date of the event that is optimal for the client and offer many other services.

Guarantee of simplicity and speed, for this reason, multinational women couples prefer to marry in the Danish Kingdom. Wedding in this country can be called both a romantic and business trip, which is indeed considered to be popular by many people. Not all countries have a real opportunity to marry a couple of weeks after the application. If the couple will contact us in advance, discuss all the nuances, details and submit documents on time, then they can make the main dream of their life in just a day!

Our agency is a family business. We have already been able to marry many same-sex couples and are always happy to help those who plan to legalize their relationship and start a new page of their lives with their loved one. Write us!


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