Marriage in Tonder is a wedding that you have always dreamed of!

Tonder is another Danish community, where our honest and trusted company offers to organize and hold a wedding. The settlement is located near the border with Germany (15 kilometers). It is a town in great demand among tourists with a unique atmosphere and medieval history.

The municipal authorities of Tonder have been registering couples living in different countries for a long time. We are talking about Russia, China, Germany, Ukraine, Kosovo, Moldova, Colombia, Vietnam, Brazil. They come here from all over the world to finally officially conclude their union and make it official. In 2017, 1,600 couples have legalized their relations here, in this year it is planned even more visitors.

Marriage in Tonder is a guarantee of fast documentary processing: it usually takes 2 weeks from a call to our wedding agency to a direct marriage ceremony. The main requirements is that the documents are prepared correctly. Often, the ceremony is held in English and German, but you can even say “yes” to each other in Russian. In the commune itself, you can use the service of simultaneous translation into your native language.

The days of checking the originals of documents in Tonder are Tuesday and Wednesday. For example, if the couple arrives with documents on Tuesday, the ceremony will take place in 2 days on Thursday.

It turns out, the wedding in Tonder is a great opportunity to become husband and wife after a few weeks. People come here who are tired of constantly facing bureaucratic problems in their countries. Here, couples feel freedom and realize that they can be legally called a family in the shortest period.

For the town itself, permanent marriage is considered to be a good option to contribute to the local budget. Usually a few days before the ceremony, the couple come here to spend a “honeymoon”. Many hotel owners confirm these words, who often host bridegrooms and brides. Of course, newlyweds go to cafes, shops, restaurants and movies, as well as economically support a small commune.

Features of the city of Tonder

In general, Tonder is considered to be a small ancient Danish town, which is located near the German border and is famous for its lace. Near the city is an amazing royal castle Schackenborg, which attracts many tourists. Now the main income of the commune is tourism and trade. Local specificity is in luxuriously decorated buildings and beautiful architecture. It is equally interesting to observe the convex windows that distort the image.

When people first come to this small town, they immediately pay attention to architecture (on the central street there are samples of both Gothic and Renaissance, Baroque). The town also has several attractions that are definitely worth a visit. This is about:

  • Trade Square Torvet. In the center is a painted pearl male statue, symbolizing local law. In ancient times there was a shameful pillar on this place, to which people were tied and punished for their fault. If you look at the opposite side, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the snow-white house, made in the late Gothic style. Previously, it was a monastery bakery.
  • Church of Christ, built in 1591. The basis of the creation was a red brick. The style of the architectural object is late Gothic. Tourists happily enter the church, surprising with its magnificent appearance. People are impressed with the magnificently decorated altar of 1696, a font from Belgian marble, an organ. There is very beautiful place, where worked as a local master Hans Schmidt. In the church, you can see the tombs of wealthy citizens, the walls of the church, which are decorated with epitaphs dedicated to them.
  • Street Uldgade, a feature of which is a paved bridge and two-story neat little houses. The second floor in the houses are the attic fronts (triangular entrance doors). Windows are traditionally made convex, which does not allow you to see the room conditions, so the curtains are not needed here.

What documents will be needed to marry in Tonder?

The wedding in Denmark, in particular in the city of Tonder, requires a couple of a certain package of documents:

  • Passports (if a person is not an EU citizen, he must provide a passport with a visa or a biometric sample).
  • Certificates of marital status (all countries establish their procedures, so it is better to contact us in advance).
  • Certificates confirming the residence permit (need to be certified by translation into English or German).
  • Questionnaires.
  • A certificate of divorce, if a person was previously married.

The wedding in Denmark, especially in the city of Tonder, is held on certain days, so the documents must be submitted at the appointed time. Many couples come here in a few days to enjoy the local views, go to nice restaurants, spend time in wonderful parks, go shopping and so on. In the commune, you can have a great time before the wedding ceremony.

Guarantee of a successful wedding in Tonder

Registration of a marriage in Tonder is a great option for those who want to get married with a citizen of Germany or another country as quickly as possible. Our agency has been working in this area for a long time, the employees know perfectly what documents will be needed, how to arrange them and at what time period they should be submitted. Finally, the couple in love will not face bureaucratic difficulties, which previously did not allow to conclude a marriage and become a full-fledged family. The ceremony will take place in a marvellous town, where the newlyweds should take the vow. After that, many couples go to a restaurant where the celebration continues.

Our main task is to take all measures so that the lovers are finally together and could officially legalize their relationship. In reality, things cannot always be positive: in different states, multinational couples cannot conclude a marriage because of legislation. In this case, it is more likely to come to the above-described city, enjoy the local beauties and register a marriage with a loved one. Here, the couple will not face unpleasant moments, and the ceremony itself will be held at the highest level, meeting expectations.

Employees working in our company have connections with town halls and some officials, therefore they guarantee a successful wedding. If you would like to receive answers to questions related to the organization of the celebration, a list of necessary documents, please contact our managers and consult them. Good luck!


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