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If you have long been thinking about officially registering your marriage in Denmark, then one of the most popular options for this will be the commune. It perfectly combines the perfect location, documentation in the shortest possible time and a romantic atmosphere. It is located near the German border: it is 55 km from Nibullah and 85 km from Flensburg, and about 60 km from an airport in Denmark called Billoon.
Marriage has long been a popular service, as every couple wants to enjoy the incredible beauty and cleanliness of the town. With confidence, we can say that here a romantic trip will be a real adventure. In the commune there are a lot of unusual places for photos, a lot of cozy hotels and nice cafes for every taste. As practice shows, everyone who comes to marry, are satisfied with the wedding and are happy to spend time here.

Features of the city

In general, is considered to be quite popular city among tourists. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the beauties of the Cathedral, from the height of which there are beautiful city views, enchanting nature with green meadows and sandy beaches with view on the sea. By the way, UNESCO recognized this city as one of the most wonderful small settlements in Europe.
In the commune there are regularly held very interesting events, for example, every year in May you can go to the Tulip Festival. It lasts for 4 days, and in honor of its completion, there is a parade. Also, each year the Jazz Festival is held, in August people come to the Wine Festival. As for the Christmas, it is considered to be incredibly beautiful and romantic. In December, bazaars begin to open actively, where you can try hot wine and eat warm pastry.
Such a fairy town attracts with ancient architecture, a lot of museums and cobbled streets. Usually, ceremonies related to the marriage take place in the old Town Hall, which was built more than 500 years ago. Thanks to the delightful atmosphere of this Town Hall, a fabulous and romantic feeling is created. The city itself is more than 1300 years old, considered to be the ancient Danish capital. By the way, a wedding in can take place in other equally attractive places, for example, on the sea coast. Only in 2017 about 1300 couples from different countries registered their relations here and this number will definitely grow in the future.

What documents will be needed and how is the wedding ceremony held?

To enter into formal marriage relations in this city, the couple will need to provide a certain package of documents. This is about:

  • Passports (citizens of foreign states for the European Union must provide a passport with an actual Schengen visa or a biometric passport that allows them to stay in the Shengen zone for a while).
  • A certificate of marital status (each country is different in its order of receipt) with a certified translation into English or German.
  • A certificate confirming the residence permit at the place of residence (also must be certified by a translation into English or German).
  • The questionnaire.
  • A certificate of divorce if the person was previously married (for citizens of foreign countries for the EU, an apostille and certified translation into 2 languages ​​will also be required).

Marriages take place on certain days. You need to submit documents at the time that will be assigned by the registry office. It will take 1 time to spend the night in the commune. Everything is created here for a wonderful pastime. We are talking about cobbled streets with well-kept houses, European restaurants, cozy streets with shops, a beautiful cathedral in the center, a lake with picnic tables, the Town Hall, which has a 500-year history.
As it was mentioned earlier, the wedding itself takes place in the Town Hall, in a beautiful hall, made in an antique style. The registrar will be engaged in the wedding ceremony and will do everything possible to make the couple feel comfortable. After the ceremony, lasting 20 minutes, guests can go up to the second floor and start celebrating the wedding in a specially created meeting hall. Brides can change in specially equipped rooms, where all conditions for changing outfits have been created.

Why is marriage in so popular?

Why did the wedding in Denmark, become so popular? As is known, often lovers who plan to create their own family are forced to face bureaucratic problems, if one of them is a foreigner. It can take a lot of time and efforts, and the registration process will be very long. Therefore, if you really want to marry a German citizen or a resident of another EU country and then move to that country for permanent residence, the fastest and most reliable way is to register a marriage. This is the most accessible and legal way. Here all laws were created that simplify the procedure of marriage. It will take a minimum package of documents, and the timing of the celebration is also considered to be quite acceptable.
Living in this country is not considered to be the cheapest. Therefore, the wedding itself in the city is often not held, the newlyweds count only on marriage. Often, couples want to quickly sign and return back to their native homes. By the way, it is necessary to understand that marriages concluded in the above-described commune are considered to be officially recognized in all EU countries. And registration is available to all citizens of the world.

Advantages of cooperation with us

Today, many people really prefer to choose the city as a place where the marriage will be registered in the future, because here everything will pass as quickly and conveniently as possible for all parties. The wedding in this commune is both romantic and business tourism, which many people like. As is known, not many states allow the wedding ceremony to be held within 2-3 weeks after the marriage application was submitted to the municipal authorities. If you do everything in advance, it will be possible to marry even faster.
If the lovers want to register the marriage successfully and really remember it for life, if there is no desire to solve bureaucratic problems independently and discuss all the nuances with the officials, it is better to contact our agency.
Our employees have been carrying out this for a long time and are actively cooperating with the town halls registering different families. The staff always responds to the requirements and wishes of customers and does everything to justify their expectations.  Each couple is guaranteed a quick marriage, which will legally be recognized both in the EU territories and in other countries and continents.
If you want to ask a number of additional questions concerning the specifics of the cooperation and the list of services provided by us, call competent managers and consult them. Feel free to write us!


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