Marriage in Aabenraa is a guarantee of a picturesque and fabulous atmosphere

Aabenraa is considered to be a hospitable town, located in the Danish commune in the south. This is a small resort village, located about 25 km from the German border. It is a typical small town in Denmark with low ancient houses. Local shops and cafes here fascinate people around with a special coziness and unusual atmosphere. There are many unusual museums in Aabenraa, theatre and music performances often take place, and a large number of sporting events are held. By the way, sport and walks around the atmospheric natural places of this region are very popular here. Marriage in Aabenraa is considered to be an excellent opportunity for all lovers to register a relationship absolutely officially. It will be enough to apply to a specialized agency and start cooperation. Experts plan the wedding and tell you how everything will pass. If the marriage is planned in the above-mentioned settlement, it is necessary to take into account a number of features and differences related to the conditions of the registration procedure. For example, in addition to the basic package of documents, birth certificates for future husbands and wives or same-sex couples will also be required. There is also another nuance: a pair of original documents must arrive here at least three days before the start of the wedding ceremony. If the registration date is set for Thursday, then all documents will be checked on Monday. It turns out, the newlyweds will have to spend some time in this wonderful town before the wedding. However, here they will find what to do, because you can always walk through romantic streets or go on interesting excursions.

Why is the city of Aabenraa an ideal option for a wedding?

Marriage in Denmark and other countries can be very different. When two people are citizens of different countries, because of the difference in legislation, they cannot reunite and are forced to bureaucratic demands. As practice shows, the ideal option in this case is a trip to Aabenraa, where it will be possible to hold a wedding ceremony without any problems. Among all European countries, Denmark is considered to be one of the most authoritative in terms of marital legislation. Due to the simple and feasible legislative requirements connected with the documents, the terms of the marriage, more and more young people come here to register their relationship. As it became clear, one of the reasons why a wedding in Aabenraa is very popular is the minimum number of documents required to provide. Our managers will help to form a list of documents and arrange them. By the way, in this commune there are witnesses, confirming the marriage. To do this, it will be enough to pay the fee in one of the registration authorities. Many people are also interested in legality. People ask the following question: will marriage in the above-described commune be valid in other states? The answer is simple: of course, it will. The authorities of your country will not have any complaints, since all certificates are official and do confirm the fact of the marriage.

List of necessary documents for marriage in Aabenraa

Wedding in Aabenraa requires a minimum package of documents. A couple needs to provide:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Passports.
  • Certificates confirming the marital status (in different countries, there are different procedures for obtaining, consult us on this issue), certified by translation into German and English.
  • Information on residence registration (requires certified translation into German and English).
  • Completed questionnaires.
  • Certificates of divorce, if people were previously married.

It should be understood that you can conclude a marriage on certain days. Original documents will be submitted at the time that the registry office will appoint. While the couple is staying in the commune, they can enjoy cozy streets, beautiful and atmospheric restaurants, fine cuisine, and also see the main sights and visit interesting excursions.

Legitimacy of marriage in Oberro

Hundreds of our clients were able to make sure that the wedding in Denmark, in particular, in the town of Aabenraa, is considered to be official and legitimate. The main thing is to follow the requirements of the marriage legislation of the country where the couple wants to live in the future. These conditions may differ in different countries in certain nuances. Do not worry, because the family codes of the countries of the European Union differ not crucially and completely recognize marriages registered in the Danish Kingdom. If customers have such a need, they can send an appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark to legalize the marriage certificate. The document is certified in the required language, and also stamped with an international apostille. This is quite enough for the marriage to be recognized not only in the European Union, but also by a large number of other countries outside the Schengen zone. If necessary, this document can be issued already in Germany. Then the couple will be given a German marriage certificate. So, you do not have to worry about legitimacy. Everything goes officially, and the documents are considered valid all over the world.

Advantages of cooperation with us

More and more loving couples continue to make sure that registering a marriage in Aabenraa is an ideal option for those who want to get married with citizens of Germany or other countries. The great experience of the agency allows you to prepare quickly a package of marriage registration documents on the territory of Denmark. Now a couple can count on the fact that they will quickly become a husband and wife. The wedding ceremony will take place in the ancient Danish commune. Here, the newlyweds will take vows, and after the end of the wedding, the husband and wife are often sent to celebrate in the restaurant. We want all lovers to have a real opportunity to legitimize their relationship without bureaucratic problems and constant demands from the government. Of course, not always multinational couples can count on simple conditions of marriage, but Aabenraa gives them such an opportunity. The staff working in our agency has connections with Danish representatives, that's why the clients are guaranteed a wonderful wedding, which will pass with all traditions and will allow the newlyweds to start a new period in their life. Quite often, clients want to learn as much as possible about the ceremony of marriage, the necessary documents and many other nuances. In this case, they can always call our qualified managers and consult with them about this. Good luck!


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