Marriage in Denmark is a quite simple procedure and takes a minimum of time and effort, but for registration you still need a certain package of documents.

Citizens of the European Union need to provide:

  • Passport and birth certificate.
  • A registration statement about the marital status.
  • In case of previous divorce, a court decision with a note confirming that the divorce was legal is required.

People who are not members of the European Union will need to provide a bigger package of documents. This is about:

  • Passport and the valid Schengen visa.
  • A translated birth certificate.
  • A translated statement on marital status, which is certified by a notary agency (for residents of Ukraine)
  • A translated certificate of marital status from the Registry Office (for citizens of the CIS).
  • A translated certificate from the place of residence.
  • In the case of a divorce, a translated certificate of divorce or a court decision with Apostille is required.
  • In the case of the death of an ex-husband or wife, you must provide a translated death certificate with Apostille.

Citizens of North America will need to provide:

  • Passports.
  • Birth certificates.
  • Applications on marital status.
  • Absolute or Final divorce (if it was).

The package of documents for the soldiers of the American army is slightly different. They should prepare:

  • Identification card.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Permission from the military leadership with the certificate on the marital status of the employee.
  • Absolute or Final divorce (if it was).

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is worthwhile to be attentive with a package of documents. If you have any questions, call us and we will advise or help you how to get all certificates, and also where to apply for them.


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