Agency “Amadeus” is a real opportunity to hold a wedding in Denmark in the shortest time

Hello! My name is Eduard Ostrovskyi and I am the founder of the wedding agency “Amadeus”, which helps people to conduct weddings in Denmark without problems and bureaucratic delays. A few years ago I had to use the service of one of these companies to formalize my relationship with my current wife. In the end, I realized that I would like to help people who found themselves in a situation where the legislative base of a country does not allow a quick marriage ceremony, and the couple want to start the celebration as soon as possible. Moreover, in many states there is no possibility of same-sex marriage. In Denmark, people are more tolerant about it and here representatives of LGBT communities can officially enter the marriage contract.

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I know from personal experience how difficult it is sometimes to process documents for marriage registration. Often because of this, some couples lose a sense of happiness, because they are forced to solve bureaucratic problems and negotiate with officials. If you contact our company, you can count on getting the international marriage certificate as quickly as possible, which will be translated into several languages. We do not require a large package of documents from you, we guarantee the most loyal conditions for foreigners and same-sex couples who dream of getting married in the territory of the Danish Kingdom.

I can say with certainty that marriage in Denmark is now considered to be a highly sought-after registration ceremony for Europeans who are thinking about creating an international family. This service is becoming more popular because it is convenient and fast.

The idea of opening my own wedding agency was born from my experience and the stories of friends I know. Many of them constantly complained about how difficult it is to organize a wedding ceremony at home, where are bureaucracy and many laws. At our company clients will not be compelled to face officials, gathering of documents. Employees make for loving couples everything as simple as possible, quickly and conveniently.

A quick marriage of same-sex couples in Denmark

One of the services of our agency is same-sex marriage in Denmark. Previously, representatives of LGBT communities had to face a lot of difficulties, but in 2012 at the state level such marriages were allowed. Among other things, now even non-residents of the country have the right to officially register the relationship.
I am well aware that now there is a sufficient number of countries where people have the opportunity to conclude same-sex marriage. Somewhere this is done extremely easily, and in some countries, it is more difficult. If we talk about the Danish Kingdom, then a marriage for representatives of LGBT communities is considered to be the most affordable option. The thing is that you do not need to waste time and collect a large package of documents. The wedding process itself is not different from heterosexual, all formalities are similar.

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Employees of our agency personally talk to customers about all the details, reserve the desired date of marriage and advise on any issues. Among other things, employees are involved in preparing and filing documentation, as well as carrying out bureaucratic work so that the couple have the opportunity to devote maximum time to each other and plan a wonderful holiday in small ancient settlements.

Why do people choose us?

The main advantage of our agency is that almost everything we do for customers, namely: prepare the necessary documentation for registration, agree it with the Danish authorities. Also, I can give advice related to registering a marriage in different communes (because each one has a slightly different list of documents and other nuances).
We have already been providing our services for 7 years and during this time we began to cooperate with different Danish representatives, therefore clients can be sure that each process is supervised by qualified specialists and will necessarily be completed successfully.
I tried to do everything I can to enable same-sex and traditional couples to spend the wedding, which they always dreamed of. The most important thing is that now it will not be necessary to tackle the questions related to the organization of a wedding celebration on your own. All that remains for future spouses is to enjoy each other and expect the most important day in their life in a beautiful, atmospheric and romantic town.